David Exposito-Alonso

I am a postdoctoral researcher in neuroscience at King’s College London, co-advised by Prof. Beatriz Rico and Prof. Oscar Marín. We are part of the Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, and the MRC Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

How do nerve cells make such complex connections within the brain? How does genetic variation influence brain development and function? These are the questions that I strive to answer in my research.

Research interests

I am broadly interested in understanding how neuronal circuits are formed and function; from the molecules involved in the assembly of synapses to the connectivity and physiology of cell types within brain circuits. At present, my research is focused on the assembly of excitatory and inhibitory neurons in the mouse cerebral cortex.

Ongoing work


What molecular and cellular mechanisms regulate the formation and function of synaptic connections in the cerebral cortex?


What are the general principles that govern the connectivity of projection neurons and interneurons within cortical circuits?


What signaling pathways are affected in neurodevelopmental disorders, and how are they associated with altered cortical connectivity?

Outreach & Public Engagement

DevNeuro Academy

Participating in DevNeuro Academy, a programme of activities designed to improve the progress and success of students completing pre-university education.

NEUReka! Seminar Series

Collaborating in NEUreka! Seminar Series to organize talks and other events that promote the interaction and discussions of students and postdocs with world-leading neuroscientists.

David Exposito-Alonso

Centre for Developmental Neurobiology & MRC Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders

King’s College London

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New Hunt’s House, Guy’s Hospital Campus
King’s College London, SE1 1UL, United Kingdom